Lake District Wild Camp 21-22 Feb 2015

Lake District Wild Camp


Arrived in a wet, cold Langdale sometime around midnight of the Friday. Walked for about a kilometre or so until we found some lovely (others may disagree), flat sheep pens to camp in. Woke on Saturday to a BEAUTIFUL day! Learnt my lesson from last year and made porridge for breakfast, so I wasn't just standing around waiting while Pete cooked his three course meal (or just some very long cooking porridge). There we're only six of us, so we stayed as one group and walked up and over Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell and Esk Pike to Sprinkling Tarn, where we camped for the night. Lovely day, first time I've ever had views of the Lake District!! Arrived at camp pretty early, so we explored the 'island' then sat around playing cards until it was an acceptable time to eat. Sunday's weather was as expected- windy, snowy and misty. Walked along to Angle Tarn and then up High Raise- worst kind of mountain: steep initially then a long flat walk to the top. Conditions were crazy on top, hard to tell how windy it was, but the forecast said gusts up to 60mph! Interesting navigation getting back down to the valley, especially since most of us forgot our goggles so couldn't look into the wind (not that you could see much anyway).. Got back to the cars soaked, after walking below the freezing level for the last half an hour, where everything that was frozen slowly melted..


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