Torridon- New Years


New Years trip to Torridon

Twelve of us braved the long 12 hour minibus journey up to Kinlochewe, near Torridon, on the west coast of Scotland. We had a great bunkhouse to ourselves, massive kitchen and drying room included.


Day 1 was spent doing a horseshoe of Ben Alligin, a nice ridge traverse. Lovely day with intermittent views and good solid snow underfoot. A few bits of scrambling along the ridge added some excitement! Quick descent thanks to a good bit of bum sledding- great fun and a good opportunity to practice our ice axe arrests! The geology of the area is amazing, the mountains rise from sea level up to around 1000 metres in step, impressive black cliffs. Snow clung to these in layers, giving them a striped appearance, almost like that vienetta ice cream. Attempting to revise in the evening was interesting, Pete chatting non-stop, not a care in the world (or for revision anyway).


Day two was warmer, windier and wetter (all bad things start with a ‘w’), but we still managed a good long day out on Beinn Eighe, plus a BRILLIANT bum sledge down. We stood at the top of a steep snowy slope, the bottom obscured in the mist, wanting to go for it, but held back by a bit of self-preservation, next thing we know, Pete is on him bum, shooting off into the mist.. We hear a shout from below.. Well it means he’s alive I suppose.. Either its safe, or we’ve got to get down there to help him.. Let’s do it. Best decision ever. Well mayber not ever, but near enough. It was tempting to walk back up and do again, but it was a very long way and we were all too lazy er I mean tired already.


New Years Eve, day three, was even warmer. We walked up Slioch, a long slog along the valley and then slowly up to the clouded summit. The snow was so soft, so we had to find a really steep slope to bum sled down- again all of us hesitant at the top. This time I went first, knowing the boys would all follow, couldn’t be shown up by a girl.. Celebrated the evening in true Scottish style- haggis and mash followed by irn bru & whisky (not together) in the pub next door. A human pyramid was constructed in the road outside as the clock struck midnight. Chatted with locals, ate lots of free homemade mini sausage rolls, Matt got naked, standard night.


Luckily the weather was horrendous on New Years Day, so we didn’t feel bad about spending it sat around playing cards, drinking tea and eating biscuits. A few of us went for a quick dip in Loch Torridon, best hangover cure.


We got up early on the last day, a morning walked planned before the long walk home, but the weather had other ideas, so we just cleaned and packed up (followed by a few games of cards) and got on the road.



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