Peak District Navigation Day

Peak District 14th November

Navigation Day

The aim of this day was to give members a chance to learn some navigational basics from a few of our more experienced members - a big thanks to Ben and Jack for taking two groups out for a (slightly wet and misty) day on Bleaklow!


Basics were covered such as learning our pacings, timings, taking bearings and back-bearings - and then using these new skills and a map to practice some micro-navigation (pinpointing our specific location on a map by considering large landmarks like the contours of the hills and also the smaller features, such as streams and crags).


The enthusiasm for this day out was brilliant and hopefully we'll see more members wanting to have a go at the map-reading when we're out in the hills over the next few months! If you didn't get to come on this trip but would like to learn some of these skills from us, we are always happy to share knowledge on our weekend-long trips, so just ask whoever is holding the map! And if we have enough interest we may look at running another day out in the second semester.


We finished up the day soaking wet, but in the Snake Pass Inn with delicious food and beer!

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