Lake District Trip 17th - 18th October

There's three main reasons why the first trip of the year is to the Lake District, and hopefully for any new/soon to be members of the club these will convince you to come along with us.

1 - It's close to Nottingham, so you don't need to commit to an 8 hour minibus trip while singing along to whichever tunes the DJ has brought along. We've all had a long summers break without listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack so we're going to ease everyone back in gently.

2 - It's a fantastic part of the country and proof that you don't need to travel to the other side of the world for breathtaking views, adventure and just to have a good time in general.

3 - According to the Royal Meteorological Society the last cloud seen over the Lake District was in 1955 and the last recorded rainfall was in 1949. Making the Lake district actually the 7th driest place on earth. The fact that it's called the Lake District is because the man who named it had a great sense of irony and was also responsible for the naming of Greenland.


We will be staying in Bens cottage, which means the trip will be both easily affordable for all and luxurious at the same time. It really is a great place to stay and to catch up with old friends and make new ones while enjoying the culinary excellence of bean supreme.


Photos from Lake District trip October 2014.

































Glen Nevis Trip - 29th October - 1st November (Halloween!)

Okay so i'll admit the main reason why i wanted to go here is because i didn't get to go on the trip last year. But y'know, meets sec priviledge and everything, so we're going back again!


If you feel like experiencing somewhere a bit more remote and rugged than your back garden or Wollaton park then a weekend at Glen Nevis whilst staying in Steall Hut is the trip you need to be on! Fantastic mountains await and if you've never been before then i really cannot rate these scottish hills high enough. If you have been before then why are you even reading this? You know you want to come already. Coursework due in? Granny's birthday? Psshhh... Get to the mountains.


The roof over your head will be the Steall Hut, a lovely warm lodge in a leafy suburb of Fort William with excellent parking available... Okay i may be bending the truth slightly with that one but you didn't join the club for our reputation of staying in luxury hotels. It's basic living at it's best and will definitely give you memories you'll never forget. What better way of spending Halloween than playing Mao by candlelight? (To the new members 'Mao' is a card game with which you will get all too familiar over the coming years)


Photos from Glen Nevis trip Halloween 2014 (yes that little building is where we're staying this year too)





























































Snowdonia Trip, 28th - 29th November

A weekend in the heart of the Snowdonia national park is the ideal place for the last trip of the term. It's an excellent time of year for British mountaineering, warm enough to avoid terrible weather and cool enough to end the day back at the hut rosey faced and ready for hot grub. Snowdonia is also where i personally fell in love with scrambling last year and i'm sure after this trip there'll be a few more smitten by it also. Of course the cherry on top of the cake is Snowdon itself, but there's plenty of lesser known routes and paths that offer equally spectacular views and challenges


The accomodation for this weekend is the newly built Cae Ysgbor hut. (no that's not a typo, please take a moment to consider how difficult it was to pronounce that when i phoned to make the booking) Welsh names aside, the hut is brand new and looks very impressive with plenty of showers and underfloor heating! It's right in the middle of the park and the summit of Snowdon is just a couple of hours walk out the front door.


Photos from Snowdonia trip November 2014 (except for the hut, which is a picture of Cae Ysgbor)
































































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