Upcoming Trips

Trips for 2016-2017


Lake District= 14th-16th October


Once again the first trip of the year is to the sun coated hills of the Lake district. The drive is only a few hours so it makes it ideal for the first trip. We'll travel up on the Friday evening and arrive at Ben's cottage, the perfect place to get to know all your new mountaineering chums and have a beer or two. Saturday normally consists of a good day hike, returning to the cottage to share stories and marvel at how lovely the weather was. Sunday, depending on how individuals feel, is normally a scrambling day (if you don't what scrambling is, it's like a middle ground between walking and climbing but it's not that steep so you have to do any of the fannying about with ropes) This weekend is always a popular one so make sure you get to the sign up early to guarantee a place! We look forward to seeing you there!


Glen Nevis= 27th-30th October


This Halloween weekend we will be spending in Glen Nevis, ask anyone who has been on this trip before and they will tell you it's one of the best trips of the year. Returning to Steall hut by popular demand, it is the perfect place to get drunk, share ghost stories, carve a pumpkin and i guess we should climb a mountain at some point. The mountains in this area are the next step up from the hills of the Lake District and this time of year lets us enjoy them before the full force of Winter hits. The trip is a day longer to make sure we get the most that the area has to offer and to make it worth the slightly longer drive up there and trust me, the day of uni that you'll miss is nothing compared to the fun you'll have in the hills.


Snowdonia= 25th-27th November


So this is my personal favourite of the year, in my first year i managed some top notch scrambling on Tryfan and last year reaching the top of Snowdon in (not great) weather conditions was my highlight of the year! How are we going to top that this year? I don't know yet but Wales always produces the best pub stories. (maybe someone will die?) The accomodation is a great little hut with that all important open fire to gather round at the end of the day, dry wet kit, play cards and drink by. I really can't rate this trip highly enough!


(New Years tbc)


we will have a poll at the start of the year to gauge interest for a trip over the christmas break. Be sure to get involved with that or message the committee if you have ideas on the matter.


Cairngorms - Winter Skills= 3rd-6th February '17


The perfect opportunity to get stuck into some winter mountaineering in a stunning environment, being taught by experienced and knowledgeable guides. We use these guys year after year so they know what we like to learn and they know how to teach it. There will be something for all ability levels to learn.

Winter skills course for those wanting to learn the basics about being able to move safely and confidently in winter mountains. You will learn things such as moving in crampons, ice axe basics and digging emergency shelters.

For those who have a bit of experience and want to learn something new there's the winter mountaineering course. This is great for those that are confident with the basics and want to learn more technical skills with particular attention on ropework, belaying in snow, emergency belays, chisel juggling, securing yourself to anchors, fighting bears etc.

For those well on their way to being king of the mountains there's the even more challenging winter climbing course. This involves, as it suggests, learning the skills you need to be able to tackle the more challenging winter routes which require climbing with ice axes and crampons up steep snow, ice or mixed snow, ice and rock climbs.


All of the courses teach valuable skills and it's not just for those taking it seriously, if anything else it's 3 fun days in snowy conditions many of you will have never seen anything like before! Also the perfect opportunity to escape after January exams! The bunkhouse we're staying in is the Glenbeg bunkhouse, always warm and inviting it is more holiday cottage than bunkhouse! Complete with table football no less.


You will spend the first 2 days with your guides learning new winter skills and then on the 3rd day we'll venture out into the hills and put them to the test! So if you want to get started with winter mountaineering i guarantee you won't be able to do it cheaper anywhere else, especially with the opportunity to borrow normally expensive gear from the club!


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